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We only work with attorneys at small to mid-sized law firms.  
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Creative Internet Authority founder, Montina, to   

I'm Montina Portis and I am ready to help your law firm rise to a new level using the most powerful marketing tool on the planet to bring in more business...

We respect your privacy and will not share, sell, or rent your information.

We only work with attorneys at small to mid-sized law firms.  
If you are not an attorney - click here

Well, I think I'm only at 90 days now and I can tell you that my practice has exploded. I am getting more calls, and more new business than I ever had before. I am coming off last month - the best month I've had since I opened my practice and I'm working towards another great month this month. The work that they do has been incredible!
~David Ward, The Ward Law Firm

This is not the first time we have worked with Montina.  She's been doing stuff for our workers' compensation arm of our legal practice with Andre' Ramsay.  We have gotten amazing results and a lot of calls because of it. I think the world of Creative Internet Authority and Montina - they know their stuff.
~Shean Williams, The Cochran Firm Atlanta

This video is not like any of the others that you'll find on any marketing agency's website, but we are different. We don't have to beg for your business; if you don't work with us then your competitors' probably will.
Our clients' include national law firms as well as small, local law firms. If you have a marketing budget and you're ready to take your law firm video strategy marketing strategy to the next level and incorporate video, then we are the company that you want to work with.


Video Strategy

We create a video content marketing strategy with our full service video production and marketing services that showcase your firm.

Video SEO

We optimize your new videos for maximum exposure on your firm's YouTube channel including titles, description and tags.

Video Marketing

Our team will leverage your existing social media profiles and run YouTube and Facebook video ads. Your firm can get 10,000 times more views for pennies on the dollar!

Content Development

We export the mp3 files from the videos, transcribe all of the video content and add optimize the content and upload to your website as blog posts on a monthly basis.

There are several ways that your law firm can use videos.

  • You can use video to answer questions your clients have
  • Videos Build Trust with your prospects
  • Videos Position you as an expert
  • Videos Create a sense of 'celebrity'
  • Videos can Connect you with larger audiences 
  • Videos position you as the 'go to' resource for information your viewers NEED
  • Videos that are properly optimized can actually rank in the search engines and bring additional traffic to your website

Yes, I want to get more clients, dominate my industry and grow my law firm!

We respect your privacy and will not share, sell, or rent your information.

We do one thing and we do it better than anyone else in the country and that is video production and promotion for attorneys at small to midsize law firms. With over 500 videos produced for attorneys, 100k views on their YouTube channels and 4 million views on our YouTube channel, we GET video marketing!



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