​Did you know that you can replace your entire newsfeed on Facebook with a quote? Facebook is great but when it starts to become a distraction and keeps you from focusing on the work you need to get done - it's time to remove the distraction, take control of those reins and remove the stream of To-Much-Information (TMI). Consider the following when using Facebook:

  • Facebook is a Tell-All-Platform. This means everything you post and like can be seen or collected by Facebook and those that follow you. Is that what you want to for business presence on Facebook?
  • Don't engage with "free" Facebook groups - only do those that are EXTREMELY valuable to your success. Everything else will be a time-suck.
  • Acquire and use a "newsfeed eradicator" - to kill the newsfeed or block the newsfeed. 
    • Kill News Feed - a plugin for Google Chrome. It totally gets rid of your entire Facebook Newsfeed. It will keep you from getting distracted.
    • News Feed Eradicator for Facebook - This blocker replaces the entire Facebook newsfeed with an inspirational quote. 
    • Facebook News Feed Blocker - this blocks your newsfeed after 3 minutes so that you can catch the highlights...and then get to work. 

If you are wasting too much time on Facebook [you know if you are or not], then these are some great tools to incorporate into your Facebook interactions. Putting up Facebook "guardrails" will be beneficial for your life - taking your time back to do what improves your life.  If you use half the time you are spending on Facebook to build your business, make more sales calls, read a book, or invest more time with your family...your are going to see improvements in your overall success and attitude.

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