As an attorney, lawyer, or law firm - do you have a strategy set-up to grow your brand? Do you have a clear idea of how your law practice or law firm will stand out and what makes your "brand" different than your competition? Consider that while you are growing your brand online, you are also growing your brand offline...and visa versa. But what makes you stand out as an attorney? What will make you stand out in my mind or make me remember you if I am a potential client? When most of remember Steve Jobs, most of know that his "uniform" was a T-shirt and jeans. Steve Jobs was a brilliant marketer. As a lawyer, you own a small business. If you are solo, you are most likely in charge of marketing that business. There are attorneys, that have carved out their recognizable style by doing some of the following:

  • Wears a bow-tie all the time
  • Wears the same color tie all the time
  • Wears a professionally tailored suit - everywhere - even during off hours

You want to define your appearance with something that makes you stand out. You are representing your business and when you have a memorable image, you can use that to stand out and market your services. It is the same as having a business card and logo. What is unique about you?

About Creative Internet Authority:

Creative Internet Authority is a digital marketing company that specializes in producing and promoting videos for law firms. We use a 7 step process to create educational, informative and relevant videos that position law firms as thought leaders and authorities in the industry.

Helping Lawyers and Law Firms with the ABCs:

  • Attracting the Right Prospective Clients
  • Building Authority so that Prospective Clients Trust You
  • Converting That Traffic Into Clients or Subscribers

To learn more about Creative Internet Authority and how you can use videos to increase visibility and exposure download our guide below.

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