There are a number of reasons including, those who are visual learners will seek out videos before anything. Simply put, people are busy and there are distractions everywhere! They don't have the time to read all the text on your website. They do have time to listen to your videos while they are in the car, in the waiting room, shopping at the grocery store and flipping through their phone in between Facebook and Nurse Jackie on Netflix.

With over 3 billion hits a day on YouTube alone, it’s a fact that a lot of people like to watch videos. YouTube is the 2nd most-used site for searches, and YouTube is owned by Google. There are more than 1 billion video views per day on Facebook and more than 50% of people who visit Facebook daily, watch at least 1 video. Over 700 million users visit Facebook on mobile each day!

Would your prospective client's rather read your long blog post or watch your 3 minute video that answers the questions they have and positions you as a thought leader, expert and authority? It's not about you! I know that you would rather read because you're an attorney. Guess what? It's not about you and visitors tend to stay longer on websites that have videos.

The longer people stay, the more likely they are to remember your firm and visit other pages on your site. It's about what your prospective client's want, where they are looking and your videos being at the end of their search result.

Time is limited and you only have so many more years of life and energy left to build your practice. Putting videos online that are the answers to your prospective client's questions on multiple platforms will give you time to build your practice and build marketing machines that will continue to brand your message in the minds of your prospective client's over time.

Here are a few examples of videos we produced and promoted that are educational and informative.

If you don't choose to do something different just remember that your competitors' are and that you're not just going to lose time, your going to lose trust.

Gone are the days of 'word of mouth' marketing and gaining all of your business from referrals. Do you really believe that your referral is not going to Google your name? What is going to come up along with your name? Your competition! Why? Because search engines are in the business of providing information.

What really sets your firm apart from the competition? Are you giving your prospective client's a reason to choose you over the competition? When they visit your site do you have a video on the homepage, about us page and contact page? Are you sharing your content on social media sites? If not, you should be and you should be using videos to increase visibility and exposure for your firm.

About Creative Internet Authority:

Creative Internet Authority is a digital marketing company that specializes in producing and promoting videos for law firms. We use a 7 step process to create educational, informative and relevant videos that position law firms as thought leaders and authorities in the industry.

Helping Lawyers and Law Firms with the ABCs:

  • Attracting the Right Prospective Clients
  • Building Authority so that Prospective Clients Trust You
  • Converting That Traffic Into Clients or Subscribers

To learn more about Creative Internet Authority and how you can use videos to increase visibility and exposure download our guide below.

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