Our mission is straightforward - to increase your company's visibility and exposure online using videos so that you attract your ideal prospective clients',
build authority and convert your traffic into clients' 

We use a unique 7 step process to create educational, informative and relevant videos that position law firms as thought leaders and authorities in the industry

We start by looking at the steps we'll be taking to get your project from start to finish.  We shoot videos onsite at your location or one of our offices in Atlanta, GA or Amelia Island, FL.

1. Discovery - Schedule a Strategy Session to learn more about the firm and practice areas or business
2. Strategy -   Interview client and determine target personas for the video content
3. Research - Research topics, keyword phrases, and competitors videos
Steps 4-7 are reserved only for our clients'

Website and SEO – We will build new landing pages using your existing website on their existing domain (or a new one if necessary) and build out and further optimize for the important related terms in your practice area(s). *WordPress is required

Content Development - We will transcribe all of your videos and add them to your blog on a monthly basis. *WordPress is required

Video Strategy – We create a video content marketing strategy with our full-service video production and marketing services that showcase your business. We will shoot original footage on location with expert lighting and sound to convey a professional image to your future clients. We will provide minimum 20 titles to help you jumpstart your video marketing.

Video SEO - We will also optimize your new videos for maximum exposure on and manager your firm’s YouTube channel. We will also export the videos to mp3 files and provide the transcripts. The transcripts will be added to each video and provided to the web development team to include on the website. Included in the YouTube channel set-up, optimization and channel management.

Video Marketing - We will leverage your existing Social Media Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, & YouTube. As part of this service, our team will be consistently posting your videos and links to your videos and landing pages on the major social media sites on your behalf on a daily basis. The majority of the posts will be informational in nature. E.G. How to Pick a Lawyer in Your City or What to Expect at Your First Attorney Consultation

Authority Building through Video - Our team will set-up and optimize your YouTube channel and research top video keywords to achieve page one ranking.

What Others Say...

Well, I think I'm only at 90 days now and I can tell you that my practice has exploded. I am getting more calls, and more new business than I ever had before. I am coming off last month - the best month I've had since I opened my practice and I'm working towards another great month this month. The work that they do has been incredible!~David Ward, Ward Law Firm

This is not the first time we have worked with Montina. She's been doing stuff for our workers' compensation arm of our legal practice with Andre' Ramsay. We have gotten amazing results and a lot of calls because of it. I think the world of Creative Internet Authority and Montina - they know their stuff.~Shean Williams, The Cochran Firm Atlanta

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Lawyers need to think about how to market their practice. I learned the hard way…spending 20-30 years doing it myself. If there had been a company like Creative Internet Authority around - it would have saved me a lot of time, aggravation and effort. Getting the word out is what I have been doing the hard way for 30 years. CIA showed me how to get my brand out there with video, and made sure by brand was seen.

Randall M. Kessler, Esq.Kessler & Solomiany, LLC

About Montina Portis

Montina Portis with Mark Cuban Shark Tank
Marketing is the most strategic thing you can get right.
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My entrepreneurial journey started in 2010, when I published my first YouTube video online teaching others how to make homemade body lotions. I later grew my YouTube channel to millions of views and my company to nearly 100 consultants and made $12,000 the first 20 days with a $2.50 product.  

I am a former Information Security Analyst that worked for nearly 10 years with the largest Information Technology company in the world. I have coached with and attended events hosted by the top marketing coaches in the world including Dani Johnson, Sandi Krakowski, Jim Cockrum, Dan Kennedy, Brendon Burchard and more.

I went from living in a homeless shelter with my 9 month old at the age of 19 to running a digital marketing company specializing in producing and promoting videos for the smartest, badass people on the planet...